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Ancient Rome for Kids

Learn about Ancient Rome for Kids in the seventh adventure which transports you back to Ancient Rome. You will learn about chariot racing, emperors, Roman bath houses & more.

Place the Ancient Rome sticker on the timeline and find modern-day Italy on the world map. Find a cosy place to read the illustrated time-travelling Ancient Rome story with the matching bookmark, then learn some Ancient Rome facts in the history booklet.

Learn about the mosaics that the Ancient Romans used, then decorate your own Mosaic coaster. Plus make your own Ancient Rome wreath. Colour in the three Ancient Rome-themed designs with the pencils provided, then treasure your very own Ancient Rome-inspired stickers and special gift.

Begin the history adventure with a Mysteries in Time subscription box for kids.

Stories for Kids

Learn about Ancient Rome for Kids in the Adventure Story

Max and Katie’s next adventure takes them to Ancient Rome at the height of the Roman Empire. They are thrown into the exciting but dangerous world of chariot racing, where there are accusations of sabotage. Can Max and Katie uncover the fraud before someone gets hurt?

Join Max and Katie on their Ancient Rome adventure through history as they learn about chariot racing, emperors, Roman bath houses, pyramids and more!

Ancient Rome for Kids

Ancient Rome Facts for Kids!

Max and Katie Ancient Rome for Kids

Except for Earth, our planets are named after Roman gods and goddesses.

The Romans ruled Britain for nearly 400 years!

The Romans were excellent engineers. They built aqueducts that carried clean water to the towns.

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