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Aztec Empire

Learn about the Aztec Empire in the sixth adventure which transports you back to the time of the Aztecs. You will learn about jaguar warriors, chocolate, sacrifices, pyramids & more.

Place the Aztec era sticker on the timeline and find modern-day Mexico on the world map. Find a cosy place to read the illustrated time-travelling Aztec Era story with the matching bookmark, then learn some Aztec facts in the history booklet.

Learn about the turquoise masks that the Aztecs used, then decorate your own Aztec mask. Colour in the three Aztec-themed designs with the pencils provided, then treasure your very own Aztec-inspired stickers and special gift.

Begin the history adventure with a Mysteries in Time subscription box for kids.

Stories for Kids

Learn about the Aztec Empire in the Adventure Story

Max and Katie’s Aztec adventure takes them to the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan, where a slave is about to be sold for sacrifice. His only hope is to make a daring run for freedom to the Emperor’s palace. Anyone caught helping him will be punished. Can Max and Katie save the slave’s life by secretly helping him escape?

Join Max and Katie on their Aztec adventure through history as they learn about jaguar warriors, chocolate, sacrifices, pyramids and more!

Aztec Empire for Kids

Aztec Facts for Kids!

Max and Katie Aztec Empire for Kids

The word ‘chocolate’ comes from the Aztec language. The Aztecs used a chocolate drink as part of some religious ceremonies.

The Aztecs regularly sacrificed people to keep their gods happy.

The Aztecs built an impressive, clean city with a network of canals, clever farming methods & enormous temples, but never invented the wheel.

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