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Crafts for Kids

Crafts are a fantastic way to bring history to life and to reinforce the learning in the rest of the Mysteries in Time box. Our crafts for kids include all materials that your child will need to make their history-inspired masterpiece.

Each month, the Bumper Box includes an exciting craft, each one linked to an interesting aspect of the story or the history booklet. Arts and crafts for kids are an important part of any curriculum, from exploring different materials while practising fine motor skills, to developing an interest and gaining confidence in the design process. Besides, who doesn’t love being creative?!

See below for examples of the type of crafts in the boxes. (Please note the crafts below may change.)

Bring history to life with monthly crafts for kids:

Ancient Egypt Crafts

Ancient Egypt Crafts for Kids

Learn about why amulets were important to the Ancient Egyptians, then design, sculpt and paint your own amulet!

Elizabethan Crafts

Elizabethan for Crafts for Kids

Learn about how treasure was stolen from Spanish ships, then decorate your own wooden treasure chest!

Evacuees in WW2 Crafts

Evacuees in World War 2 Crafts for Kids

Learn about Morse code, then make your own working circuit to practise sending coded messages! Plus, design, assemble and decorate your own flying aeroplane!

Ancient Greece Crafts

Ancient Greece Crafts for Kids

Learn about the distinct Ancient Greek pottery, then make your own Greek vase from papier mâché!

Wild West Crafts

Wild West Crafts for Kids

Learn about outlaws and sheriffs, then make your very own wanted picture frame and sheriff badge!

Aztec Empire Crafts

Aztec Empire Crafts for Kids

Learn about the turquoise masks that the Aztecs used, then decorate your own Aztec mask!

Ancient Rome Crafts

Ancient Rome Crafts for Kids

Learn about Ancient Rome mosaics and make your own mosaic coaster!

Victorian Crafts

Victorian Era Crafts for Kids

Learn about Victorian era architecture and make your very own Tower Bridge model!


Vikings Crafts for Kids

Learn about Viking longships and make your very own Viking longship model!

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