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Evacuees in World War 2

Learn about Evacuees in WW2 in the third adventure which transports you back to wartime Britain. You will learn about life as an evacuee, as well as Spitfires, rationing, blackouts & more.

Place the WW2 sticker on the timeline and find modern-day Britain on the world map. Find a cosy place to read the illustrated time-travelling evacuee story with the matching bookmark, then learn some WW2 facts in the history booklet.

Learn about how Morse code was used to communicate secret messages, then make your own working circuit to practise sending coded messages! Plus design, assemble and decorate your own flying aeroplane. Colour in the three WW2-themed designs with the pencils provided, then treasure your very own Second World War-inspired stickers and special gift.

Evacuees for Kids Subscription Box

Begin the history adventure with a Mysteries in Time subscription box for kids.

Stories for Kids

Learn about Evacuees in WW2 in the Adventure Story

Max and Katie’s next adventure takes them to wartime Britain, where they are evacuated to a farm on the Welsh coast. There are rumours of a missing German pilot shot down nearby. Then, soon after they arrive, strange things start going missing. Could the two things be connected?

Join Max and Katie on their WW2 adventure through history as they learn about rationing, the Blitz, Morse code and more!

Evacuees for Kids

WW2 Facts for Kids!

Max and Katie Evacuees for Kids

Some British children were evacuated to families as far away as Australia, Canada or the USA.

The evacuation of children started two days before war was even declared.

Rationing continued long after WW2 had ended, some items until 1954.

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