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What do our customers think of our fun, educational subscription boxes for kids?

"Impressed! My daughter was very excited about the box and I`m very impressed by the quality. We especially enjoy reading the story book together and making the craft. I definitely recommend MIT!"

Louise, Mum to 9 year-old daughter

"Top marks for a great learning resource - We love getting our boxes through the door and enjoy the fun learning that they have inside. There's enough in the box to keep me (mum), an 11 year old and a 13 year old interested in a period of time. We love all of the contents ... It's something that we do together and the kids are always keen to see where we're travelling to next. I would recommend the box as a fun way to learn about history."

Amy, Mum to 11 and 13 year-old.

"I have just received the first box and WOW! It is wonderful!"

Sara Challinger, Mum to Tabatha, 9

"Seriously impressed with our Mysteries In Time box. 8 yr old loves it!"

Tanya Tucker, Mum to Ruby, 8

"We've received our Mysteries In Time box and the kids loved it!!! Our amulets are drying out!"

Sophie Kathir

"Received our first box today and Alfie loves the story book so thumbs up from us!"

Tracy Alland, Mum to Alfie, 13

"We received the Mysteries in Time box this morning, and I have to say we were VERY impressed!!"

Suzanne Bassinder

"I am really impressed with the variety of the contents."

Grace Rawson, Mum to Marlon, 8


See how this historical, educational subscription for children could be perfect for your child!

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