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Wild West

Learn about the Wild West in the fifth adventure and be transported back to the Gold Rush, cowboys, the Pony Express, the railroad & more.

Place the Wild West sticker on the timeline and find modern-day USA on the world map. Find a cosy place to read the illustrated time-travelling American Frontier story with the matching bookmark, then learn some Wild West facts in the history booklet.

Learn about outlaws and sheriffs, then make your very own wanted picture frame and sheriff badge. Colour in the three themed designs with the pencils provided, then treasure your very own themed stickers and special gift.

Begin the history adventure with a Mysteries in Time subscription box for kids.

Stories for Kids

Learn about the Wild West in the Adventure Story

Max and Katie’s next adventure takes them back to the Wild West, where there has been a string of stage coach robberies. People start blaming the Native Americans and want to set out for revenge.

Can Max and Katie help catch the real robbers and keep the peace?

Join Max and Katie on their adventure through history as they learn about the American Frontier!

Wild West for Kids

Wild West Facts for Kids!

Max and Katie Wild West for Kids

The Pony Express took 10 days to deliver a letter from one side of the country to the other!

By 1860, up to 175,000 people had flocked to California in search of gold in the Gold Rush.

Cowboys wore chaps to protect their legs from thorny plants as they rode their horses.

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